(*1954, Radebeul) 1970–1972 trained as a photographer. 1987 publication of OST-BERLIN, Piper Verlag, Munich. 1989 member of the Association of Visual Artists of the GDR (VBK). 1990 founding member of OSTKREUZ. In 1997 he was awarded the German Federal Order of Merit, followed by a number of solo exhibitions, such as HARALD HAUSWALD. ERINNERUNG AUSGEGRABEN (Memory dug up) in Leonardi Museum Dresden in 2013, or HARALD IM AUSLAND 1979–2019, in the Friedrichshain Photo Gallery, Berlin, in 2019. Parallel to the exhibitions, he published several books, e.g., 1993 DIE DRITTE HALBZEIT. FUSSBALLFANS AND HOOLIGANS, Basis Druck, Berlin; VOR ZEITEN. ALLTAG IM OSTEN. FOTOGRAFIEN 1976–1990, Lehmstedt, Leipzig; and 2020 the retrospective HARALD HAUSWALD. VOLL DAS LEBEN!, Steidl, Göttingen. The eponymous exhibition, supposed to run from 12.9.2020 to 14.3.21, is unfortunately no longer available in C/O Berlin. BUT it is planned that the exhibition will be again on show December 2021.


(*1966, East Berlin) is a musician and author. He wanted to become a physician but was not allowed to study. He was to become a toolmaker but preferred to make music. First with Feeling B, then, after reunification, with Rammstein. He wrote the autobiographical book TASTENFICKER and HEUTE HAT DIE WELT GEBURTSTAG about his life in a band. Last year Rammstein wanted to tour in Europe, which unfortunately had to be postponed. So they made music in the studio. After all, creativity takes place in the mind. It could be that good songs come about due to these restrictions.

MISS YOU is the “ME TOO” of the artists in lockdown. They sense that they are not alone.